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Varilux Digitime


Essilor Varilux Digitime

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*Available in indices from 1.50 to 1.67
*Available in clear, with Transitions Grey/Brown/Green, FIT
*In-built Prevencia coat

Having trouble reading word documents on your computer or on paper even with your reading glasses?

Neck or shoulder pain caused by prolonged screen reading and precision tasks?

In need of a pair of glasses with blue-light protection?

Hoping to have lenses tailored to your own visual needs?

Varilux Digitime is just the lens for you!

Varilux Digitime

In order to meet the needs of each presbyope when using digital devices and carrying out specific tasks, Essilor innovates and introduces Varilux Digitime featuring two exclusive innovations, the new ultra near vision zone and screen distance personalization for:

  • Relaxed eyes while reading small characters on your smartphone
  • Natural posture in front of your computer
  • Large and comfortable fields of vision which provides natural full coverage of the screen

Even if Varilux Digitime lenses are ergonomically designed for digital device usage, they are also well suited for other near and intermediate activities such as sewing, reading, cooking, and precision tasks. They cannot be used for activities requiring clear far vision such as driving.

You can request your Varilux Digitime to be customized to your own visual needs!


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VariluxS Series, Physio 3.0, Comfort 3.0, Liberty 3.0

Online sale of prescription glasses

The prescription for online sale of spectacles shall be restricted to the following:

- Consumers aged 16 years old and above without any organic eye disease or systemic medical condition that will affect vision; and

- Spectacle for single vision use, with power up to +6.00-6.00/-2.00DC (i.e no prism, curve lenses, progressive lenses, bifocal lenses or free-form single vision lens).

The prescription for online sale of spectacles shall contain the following information in order to be considered a valid prescription:

1.      Details of consumer including full name, date-of-birth and contact number.

2.      Date of eye examinations done

3.      Issue date and expiration date of the prescription (not more than 2 years)

4.      Name, work and/or contact address and contact number of the prescriber;

5.      Refractive error of the consumer (indicate spherical and cylindrical readings)

6.      Inter-pupillary distance reading

7.      Back vertex distance (if applicable)

8.      Material/design of spectacle frame (if applicable)

9.      Written assessment that the consumer does not have any existing organic eye disease or systemic medical condition that will affect vision

10.  Statement of advice acknowledged by the consumer to undergo eye checks if the spectacles causes discomfort

*Once you have purchased the items, we will contact you for an appointment to conduct the necessary eye examination at our store before dispensing any glasses.