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Orthokeratology (Ortho-K)

What is Ortho K and how does it work?

Orthokeratology, also known as Ortho-K, is a customised rigid gas permeable contact lenses that is specially designed to provide a precise fit for individual’s eye and corrects your vision when you sleep.

These lenses gently reshape the cornea by exerting mild pressure on the cornea while you are asleep; gradually flattening the cornea apex to focus images onto the retina.

Upon lens removal, you will be able to see clearly without the need for glasses or soft contact lenses as the reshaping of cornea is still maintained after lenses are removed.

This temporarily reshaping of cornea to improve vision is like orthodontics for your eyes and the treatment is often compared to dental braces.

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How Ortho K Lenses Works?

Ortho-K lenses are specially designed to provide a precise fit for individual's eyes.

Worn during the night and removed during the day, these lenses enable the cornea to reshape while you sleep.

The Ortho-K lens gently exert pressure on the cornea overnight, moulding it into the proper shape to focus sharp images onto the retina.

This gradual flattening of the cornea centre is maintained even after removal, resulting in corrected vision during the daytime without the need for wearing glasses.

Advantages of Having Ortho K Lenses in Singapore

  • Effective Way to Correct Your Vision

Contact lens from ortho k -offers the advantage of correcting both myopia and mild astigmatism in both adults and children. It is a useful method of improving vision during the day without the need for soft contact lenses or spectacles.

  • Non-Surgical Solution

One of the main benefits of Ortho-K lenses is that it is a non-surgical procedure unlike LASIK, which involves the removal of corneal tissue through surgery.

Ortho-K reshape the cornea without requiring surgery, thus eliminating any surgical risks and recovery time.

  • Minimise the Growth of Myopia

Another advantage of Ortho-K lenses is that it reduces the progression of myopia by slowing down axial length elongation.

If left uncontrolled, myopia progression can lead to other eye conditions such as myopia degeneration, glaucoma and cataracts.

  • Reversible

Corneal reshaping with Ortho-K lenses is reversible and poses minimal risk when combined with proper care, regular follow up and evaluations.

If you choose to resume glasses or contact lenses, you can simply stop wearing Ortho-K lenses for a few weeks to allow your cornea to resume their original shape.

Who is Ortho-K Recommended For?

  • It is recommended for both children and adults or individuals that are not eligible for refractive surgery.
  • Individuals experiencing dryness with soft contact lenses.
  • Individuals who want to see well without glasses or contact lenses in the day.
  • People who lead active lifestyles participating in sports such as soccer, swimming, sky diving in fact almost all activities including snorkelling and dancing.
  • Individuals in professions that may have restrictions on refractive surgery, such as deep-sea divers, mountaineers, pilots, firefighters, or military personnel requiring unassisted visual acuity for specific durations.

What Should You Expect with Ortho-K Lens Wearing?

Initially there will be a mild lens sensation caused by lens and eyelid interaction when you insert the lenses.

It is not painful and the mild discomfort is temporary and will go away when you sleep since your eyelids will be closed.

After the first night, you will notice some improvement in your vision, some wearers may experience mild halos in dim lighting, which is normal. These effects will usually go away within a few days to a week.

It typically takes 2 weeks to about a month to achieve perfect vision with ortho-k lenses. Result may vary with prescription.

There will be a pre-fit eye examination to determine wearer’s suitability and compliancy.

During dispensing, wearer will be closely guided on Ortho-K lens handling such as lens cleansing and maintenance, lens insertion and removal.

Wearers are to return the next morning for a review after wearing Ortho-K lens for the first night. After which next eye reviews will be conducted 1 week after, follow by 2 weeks and one month after.

Thereafter reviews will be arranged every 3 to 6months or yearly basis.

At Atlantic Optical, the Orthokeratology practitioners are most helpful in answering any questions you may have and addressing your concern.

Suitable wearers will be guided through every step of your Ortho-K lens journey.

When searching for orthokeratology near me, please feel free to schedule a consultation with the Orthokeratology practitioners at Atlantic Optical.

They will assess your suitability for Ortho-K lenses and provide relevant advice.