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Miacare™ CONFiDENCE 1 • Month


1 • Month Miacare™ CONFiDENCE 

  • $40.00

For existing customers, we will review your history records and may contact you for further eye examination if necessary. You may proceed to place your purchase order.

For new customers and first time wearers, you will need to complete an eye check and contact lens fitting assessment with our Optometrist. You may proceed to place your order and we will contact you for an appointment on eye examination.

Under regulations by Ministry of Health, Optometrist and Optician Board, contact lenses are medical devices in Singapore. It can be sold and dispensed only after patients have gone through eye examination conducted by registered Optometrists. 


Are you looking for a colour lens that helps you to dazzle and add that shine to your eyes but without compromising eye health at the same time? Let Miacare Confidence give you the solution.

With miacare’s revolutionary EautraSil Hydrophillic Silicone Technology setting a new benchmark in the industry with our high oxygen transmissibility and the use of dot-matrix colour printing, miacare Confidence gives you long-lasting comfort coupled with natural Asian beauty rolled in one!

Why choose between beauty and comfort when you can have both with miacare Confidence? Ask for yours today and start on the road to natural beauty!

Miacare™ CONFiDENCE 1 • Month

Delivering a Promise of Health and Beauty

  • Ultra-high oxygen transmissibility!

  • Solvent-free formula!

  • Smart peripheral edge design which helps to improve surface wettability, reducing irritation and providing extra comfort

  • Lowest Modulus! Offering a softer & more comfortable wear

  • UV protection against the harmful rays of the sun

  • Dot-matrix colour printing technology with large unobscured area to allow for oxygen passage

  • Unique colour blocking which provides fade resistance

  • Smart peripheral edge design which helps to improve surface wettability, reducing irritation and providing extra comfort

Advanced Eyecare

Ultra-high Dk/t 187.5* Oxygen Transmissibility. Giving your eyes longer hours of moisturizing comfort.

6 Times more Oxygen Transmissibility to Your Cornea, Providing All-Day Comfort

Far exceeding the minimum desirable Dk/t 125 required in the closed-eye state. An ample amount of oxygen is allowed to pass through the lens quickly to the cornea, effectively preventing hypoxia-related complications. Health and Beauty work synergistically, without compromising your comfort and style.

Lowest Modulus Design

“Modulus” is a measure of the hardness of silicone hydrogel lenses. A lower modulus means softer lenses and higher comfort. With miacare’s patented EautraSil™ Hydrophilic Silicone Technology, we are able to create contact lenses with the lowest modulus due to the low ratio of silicone needed to be combined with hydrogel. This helps in increasing lubrication and reducing foreign body sensation. Additionally, the asymmetric edge design keeps the lens perfectly in place over your iris, preventing decentration awkwardness.

Double Moisturizing Agents: Hyaluronic Acid and Sodium Alginate

This unique formula is developed by miacare to moisturize and revitalize your eyes for better eye health.


Lens typeBeauty
Water Content47%
Base Curve8.7mm
Dk/t ValueDK/t 187.5@-300D
Power Range-0.00D (plano) to -6.00D (0.25 steps)
-6.50D to -12.00D (0.50 steps)

OOB Guidelines

Sale of contact lenses online

The sale of contact lenses online is a unsafe practice and is against the guidelines set by the local authorities.

Once you have purchased the items, we will contact you as soon as possible for an appointment to conduct the necessary eye examination at our store before dispensing contact lenses.

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