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Eye Health Screening

eye health screening

Complete Eye Exam: Understanding the Basics

Comprehensive eye health screening is vital for everyone, especially considering that half of Singapore’s population has some form of eye condition that may require corrective measures. Routine eye examinations are essential not only for maintaining good eye health and vision but also for detecting diseases early. Atlantic Optical offers comprehensive eye health screening tailored to your needs. Schedule an appointment for an eye examination at Atlantic Optical to ensure the well-being of your eyes!

Components of a Complete Eye Checkup

  • Visual Acuity Testing: This standard eye exam assesses your vision performance at different distances. The perfect vision is 6/6 or 20/20. This exam also aids in the diagnosis of conditions such as astigmatism, near-sightedness, farsightedness, and amblyopia (lazy eye).
  • Refraction Assessment: A refraction examination determines corrective lens prescriptions, ensuring that you receive an accurate and customized prescription that caters to your specific vision requirements.
  • Eye Health Evaluation: Prioritizing both vision and eye health, Atlantic Optical conducts a thorough examination of internal and external eye structures, helping to identify potential abnormalities like cataracts, glaucoma, retinal problems, keratoconus, colour vision deficiency as well as contact lens wear complication.
  • Eye Movement and Alignment: Evaluating eye movement and binocular vision is crucial for detecting disorders like amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus (squints) near accommodation insufficiency etc, ensuring that your eyes function well for optimal vision.

Excellent Eye Health Screening

Eye health screening at Atlantic Optical goes beyond treating current visual concerns; it serves as a preventive measure to identify potential sight threatening ailments before they escalate. Early detection with treatment intervention can halt the progression of many eye diseases which otherwise could significantly impact the eyes well-being and performance.

Atlantic Optical utilizes equipment such as slit lamp to screen out cornea, irises, pupils, crystalline lens condition, dry eye syndrome as well as potential closed-angle glaucoma; Tonometer is used to measure intraocular eye pressure for detecting open-angle glaucoma and Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) equipment is utilised to generate images of the retina layers ruling out retina tear, macular degeneration, epiretinal membrane and other retinal disorders. Topography machine is also available for detection of keratoconus, a corneal deformity.

Eyeball axial length measurements which is the gold standard required for children’s myopia management are available at Atlantic Optical too. This comprehensive eye health assessment also covers a wide range of ocular ailments associated with systemic health issues such as hypertension, high cholesterol, and diabetes.

Eye Health Evaluation

A Full Eye Check up at Atlantic Optical entails a thorough assessment of visual acuity, refraction, eye health and general eye functions. This comprehensive method provides an accurate diagnosis and personalised eye management by thoroughly understanding your eye health.

Benefits of a Full-Eye Checkup

Below, we have curated the potential benefits of having a full-eye checkup:

  • Early detection of abnormal eye conditions
  • Accurate prescription for your vision
  • Prevention of eye strain and discomfort
  • Enhancement of quality of life
  • Identification of systemic health issues

Consult with Atlantic Optical

A dedicated team of optometrists at Atlantic Optical engage in open and informative discussions following your eye exam. We prioritize transparent communication, ensuring that you understand the results of your test. During this interactive discussion, you can receive personalized advice, gain insights into your eye health, and ask any questions you may have.

Book your consultation with Atlantic Optical experienced team to perform a comprehensive eye examination to achieve a clear, healthy vision.

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