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Crizal Eyezen


Essilor Crizal Eyezen

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Crizal Eyezen lenses protects you against visual fatigue, harmful blue light, reflections, scratches, oil, dust, water and UV rays

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions below for more information.


*Available in indices from 1.50 to 1.74
* Available with Transitions Grey, Brown & Green (only grey for 1.74)

Essilor Crizal Eyezen


Eyezen™ Focus provides extra focusing support with the additional power zone
Light Scan® filter out harmful blue violet light while letting beneficial blue turquoise light to pass through
W.A.V.E Technology™ provides sharp vision via fine tuned lens surface
Crizal’s latest innovation selectively filters light

Prevents premature eye aging by selectively filtering out harmful blue light
Reduces retinal cell death by 25%
Preserves your overall well-being
By letting essential visible light pass through (including good Blue-Turquoise)
Sleep/wake cycles, mood, cognitive performances etc
Improved vision comfort
From dazzling outdoor blue light and indoor digital screens
Provides optimal vision & durable transparency

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Online sale of prescription glasses

The prescription for online sale of spectacles shall be restricted to the following:

- Consumers aged 16 years old and above without any organic eye disease or systemic medical condition that will affect vision; and

- Spectacle for single vision use, with power up to +6.00-6.00/-2.00DC (i.e no prism, curve lenses, progressive lenses, bifocal lenses or free-form single vision lens).

The prescription for online sale of spectacles shall contain the following information in order to be considered a valid prescription:

1.      Details of consumer including full name, date-of-birth and contact number.

2.      Date of eye examinations done

3.      Issue date and expiration date of the prescription (not more than 2 years)

4.      Name, work and/or contact address and contact number of the prescriber;

5.      Refractive error of the consumer (indicate spherical and cylindrical readings)

6.      Inter-pupillary distance reading

7.      Back vertex distance (if applicable)

8.      Material/design of spectacle frame (if applicable)

9.      Written assessment that the consumer does not have any existing organic eye disease or systemic medical condition that will affect vision

10.  Statement of advice acknowledged by the consumer to undergo eye checks if the spectacles causes discomfort

*Once you have purchased the items, we will contact you for an appointment to conduct the necessary eye examination at our store before dispensing any glasses.