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When it comes to making spectacle, many of us will pick the nicest frame to look our best .

That is just a small part of the spectacle prescription process . While many understand that it is through their eye examinations that prescription were derived , just as many are unaware that some eye abnormalities can be detected along.

Here are some cases :

1) Age-related macular degeneration ( Dry & Wet AMD) -

This is the leading cause of visual impairment for age 65 above with irreversible vision loss. In some cases of wet macular degeneration, it may lead to sub macular haemorrhage.

2) Cataract - usually detected in person over 40 years of age . UV rays hasten cataract formation.

3) Glaucoma - this is a silent thief of sight that rob the affected persons’ visual field starting from the peripheral field without the person noticing it till impairment is obvious.

4) Hypertensive & Diabetic retinal changes - one who suffer from the above conditions is advisable to have their retinal health monitor on regular basis .

5) Keratoconus - is a condition where the cornea become very pointed . Perfect vision is difficult to achieve with regular spectacle and soft contact lenses correction. Specialty contact lenses are suggested .

6) Other conditions that can be detected are Retinitis Pigmentosa , Myopia Degeneration and many others .

7) Hidden squints & binocular vision abnormalities - if your kids or yourselves are experiencing headache or eye fatigue during reading or desktop work , a separate eye exams are required to screen out underlying eye functions that may not be optimal . Here, options of vision management can be meted out to alleviate , if not resolve the condition.

In conclusion, we should not take our eyesight for granted .

Have them screened by your eye care practitioners at least once a year or for some cases more than once a year are suggested .

Healthy eyes are priceless .


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