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child myopia91496678_4209571519119779_6075016153234150863_nMYOPIA AMONG CHILDREN SHOWING AN INCREASING TREND DURING A PANDEMIC

With more working from home in a pandemic, we saw children with myopia progression of more than -100 degrees within three to four months!

Home based learning with less time spend outdoor were an issue. So it is crucial and urgent that the importance of maintaining good eye habits during the pandemic lockdown need emphasis.

Where it is safe , spend time outdoor for at least 3 hours per day especially when there’s sunshine .

Not forgetting to wear a UV protection eyewear.

Restrict time with digital devices. As home based learning is already on devices, leisure screen time should be avoided.

Regular 3 monthly eye review to monitor prescription , eyeballs axial length and myopia control regimen should continue as myopia is irreversible.

This pandemic is causing myopia exponentially. It is essential that children on myopia treatment such as Orthokeratology , myopia control soft contact lenses or myopia control prescription spectacles should not lapse in their treatment to minimise the risk of myopia rebound when treatment ends prematurely.

Meet our friendly optometrists to check if your child is showing symptoms of myopia.

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