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Diabetic retinopathy, the most common diabetic eye disease, occurs when there are changes in the blood vessels in the retina. Sometimes these vessels can swell and leak fluid, or even become completely clogged. In other cases, new abnormal blood vessels grow on the surface of the retina. Diabetic retinopathy generally affects both eyes. People with diabetic retinopathy are often unaware of changes in their vision during the early stages of the disease. But as it progresses, diabetic retinopathy usually causes vision loss that in many cases cannot be reversed. It can also cause other ocular alterations such as neovascular glaucoma, traction retinal detachment, vitreous hemorrhage, etc. An annual examination is recommended to rule out any ocular pathology, remember that if you are diabetic your risk of suffering from this disease is quite significant.


It's a game changing innovation. Introducing Essilor Stellest Lenses. It slows down myopia progression by 67% on average. These lenses not only correct the myopia, it provides sharp vision and also helps to slow down the progression of it with the exclusive H. AL.T technology. Majority of the children sees clearly, feel comfortable and adapt to these lenses within a week.



Do you want to wake up without the need to wear glasses or contact lenses? It can be achieved by wearing Ortho - K lenses. Orthokeratology lenses reduce myopia progression. If you are concerned of your progressing myopia with each eye review, this is an ideal option for you. Visit us for a non obligatory on your suitability for Ortho -K lenswear .




Do you have trouble focusing your eyes on near objects? Presbyopia is a condition in which the crystalline lens of your eye loses flexibility making it more difficult for you to focus on objects up close. While it is not preventable, there are number of options to correct your vision due to this natural condition associated with aging. Options available such as reading glasses, desk top computer lenses and progressive (no-line) multifocal lenses. We can also discuss with you contact lens options such as monovision and multifocal contact lenses. Nature is always going to run its course on your body, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept it. Fight back against aging.
Make appointment with us to discuss your options of managing your eye conditions.

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